Killer Instinct: Hands on with Kilgore, the limited edition fighter

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Killer Instinct’s Season 3 wrapped up last year, but that hasn’t stopped Iron Galaxy from releasing more content for the popular free to play Xbox One and Windows 10 fighting game. The latest addition is Kilgore, an original character who hasn’t appeared in previous Killer Instincts.

Originally released on January 3rd to kick off the KI Ultra Tour Community fund, Kilgore is free to try until Wednesday, March 1st. After that, he’ll be available for $10 until March 6th. Then he’ll stop being sold for an undisclosed amount of time. finally returning at the standard character price of five dollars.

Background and design

The KI Ultra Tour Community Fund was created as a way for the community to help fund itself. Fifty percent of the money earned from Kilgore purchases goes back into the community as tournament prizes. As of February 14th, over $50,000 has already been raised by the community. This year’s community fundraiser has no money limit due to the last community fundraiser meeting its goal of $100,000 just 72 hours after it went live.

Kilgore is a cyborg created by the Killer Instinct series’ nefarious Ultratech megacorporation. He comes from a line of cyborgs that were designed for combat, but ultimately proved unusable. Their chain guns overheated much too quickly. While most of the other cyborgs with this fault were destroyed, Kilgore managed to fix his own overheating problem. Ultratech’s cyborg CEO ARIA then recruited him to do whatever she needs.

Kilgore’s design resembles that of existing character Fulgore, other than his chain guns and unique face. This makes sense because Kilgore is basically a failed Fulgore, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from complaining about their similarities. His basic movement animations are almost the same as well. Thankfully, Kilgore’s customization options are very different and add plenty of variety to the otherwise bland character design.

Killer moves gameplay

Where Kilgore differs the most from Fulgore is his gameplay. Kilgore is a hybrid of zoning and rushdown. When his weapons are cooled down, his chain gun and missile attacks are designed for zoning. His chain gun attacks go full screen and are great at keeping the opponent away. However, after connecting with several attacks, his chain guns will begin to overheat and lose some range. But they also start setting opponents on fire, which deals damage over time.

Kilgore’s Instinct Mode (activated by a button combination when the Instinct meter fills up) powers up his gun. While in Instinct Mode, his shots do fire damage without losing range from overheating. This is a great way to deal heavy damage from a safe distance.

The medium and heavy versions of Kilgore’s missile attack can be manually aimed. The medium missile has a straight trajectory and the heavy missile flies in an arch. He also has powerful melee special attacks that can be used to mix up opponents and keep them guessing, including an uppercut and a ball jump.

A killer addition to the roster

Kilgore is one of Killer Instinct’s easier characters to learn, but still challenging to master. You can play as him for free until Wednesday, March 1st. You can buy him and support the Killer Instinct community for $10, but only until March 6th. After that, it could be to be a long wait until he becomes available for purchase once again.

Killer Instinct is a free to play one-on-one fighting game for Xbox One and Windows 10. One character is always free to use, but additional characters will require a purchase. It’s also an Xbox Play Anywhere game, so purchases and progress carry over between both platforms.


See Kilgore on the Windows Store

See Killer Instinct on the Windows Store

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