AUKEY RGB KM-G4 Keyboard Review

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Singapore-based electronics manufacturer AUKEY recently released the RGB KM-G4, an affordable mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting. Should you consider this one over a bigger name, more expensive keyboard? Read on to find out.

Design and features

The AUKEY RGB KM-G4 model measures 17” x 5.3” x 1.4” inches and weighs approximately two pounds. Its USB cord measures a fair 5.9 feet long. Included in the package are a keycap remover (Razer keyboards don’t even come with those), and a software disc that installs the AUKEY driver and program that allows you to customize the functions of the keyboard.

The base of the keyboard is a gunmetal gray – the keys an attractively contrasting black. Less attractive is the heavy, military-style font on those keys. It can be difficult to read compared to normal Earth-based fonts. The top of the keyboard has visible screws alongside the periphery, which contributes to the tough, shiny appearance AUKEY seems to be going for.

The RGB KM-G4’s keys are all elevated from the base in a “floating” style for easy removal and to allow the LED lights the most visibility. It really is a cool effect, having them offset from the base like that. I found their performance to be precise and responsive, perfect for both work (like writing this review) and gaming. Each key’s lifespan is 60 million strokes. Because they’re mechanical, you should even be able to replace their switches should they ever wear out.

Different instructions appear in the physical manual and the help document included on the software disc. I found it rather unintuitive to have to flip between the physical manual and the word document to ascertain all of the functions of the keyboard, as information is divvied up between them.

Programmable keys and Function keys

One enjoyable aspect of the RGB KM-G4 is the entire keyboard is essentially customizable. If one feels so inclined, you could reassign the function of any key over to a different key on the board. These different configurations can all be saved into separate profiles and individually accessed for different tasks like games and programs. These profiles can be imported and exported as needed.

The AUKEY software includes a section purely for setting and recording macros right to the keyboard itself, rather than going through your computer’s settings. Similar to the keyboard configurations, these macros can be imported and exported.

Also included is a page dedicated to giving statistical analysis of keystroke use on the keyboard. Want to figure to which keys you use the most? You can do that. The AUKEY software can even be customized with six different background skins.


The RGB KM-G4’s lighting effects are truly the highlight of the keyboard (Heheh). The included software lets you choose between numerous effects, as well as adjust brightness and the speed of certain effects.

Lighting effects include:

  • Monochrome breathing
  • Raindrops
  • Serpentine
  • Monochrome/Full Color Aurora
  • Snake
  • Happy Valley

You can also set up custom lighting selections. I created a custom configuration that only lights up keys I might use in an FPS (like WASD). One could take the concept a step further and completely disable the unused keys in such a profile. Quite handy if you worry about tapping the wrong key at the wrong time in the middle of a game or match.

Final Thoughts


The AUKEY RGB KM-G4 is one of the better keyboards I’ve used. It features a slick metal appearance with floating keys, slick RGB lighting, and a fair degree of customization via software – plus the responsiveness you can only get from a mechanical keyboard. Some of the more advanced features, like setting hotkeys and customizing keystrokes, could be easier to use, but the actual AUKEY software gets the job done.

You can get the AUKEY RGB KM-G4 for about $69.99 at Amazon. Not a bad price for a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting.

Review unit provided by the manufacturer.