Aven Colony will bring city-building and survival to an alien world

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Team 17 and Mothership Entertainment have released a new trailer for their sci-fi city builder, Aven Colony.

The new “Survival Trailer” shows some of the challenges that colonists will face when building their new home on the alien world of Aven Prime, including toxic gas eruptions, dust and electrical storms, and several alien creatures.


Giant sandworms that look like sarlaccs from the Star Wars universe are seen towering above their sandpit holes in the game. Large fungal creatures and plague spores float around in ominous fashion.

There are various environments and biomes that offer different challenges. Construction drones help you build and upgrade your colony. With single player and sandbox modes available, there is much to explore.

Are you excited to test your colony building, survival skills on Aven Prime? Sound off in the comments below.

Visit avencolony.com for more information on the game.