Google defines geek as “an unfashionable or socially inept person.” Is that good enough for us? Heck no! A geek is someone who pursues intellectual and nerdy interests, including videogames, movies, comics, books, toys, and more.

Good Enough Geek celebrates all things geeky. We also care deeply about social justice and equality, so no haters allowed.


Paul Acevedo, Editor in Chief

Paul is a veteran videogame journalist, currently employed at Windows Central – the number one Microsoft fansite. He also contributes to Co-Optimus (the best resource for cooperative gaming news and reviews) and has written over 20 guides at GameFAQs since 2003.

Besides games, he loves movies, comic books, Japanese culture, and other fine geeky stuff. Paul lives in Texas and has a B.A. in Literature.

Bob Bambuch, Writer

He studied psychology and really likes cats.

Andrew Clark, Writer

Andrew comes from New York, a very cold place.

Sean Huckel, Writer

Sean is a lifelong gamer, picking up the NES as soon as he could figure out how to hold a controller. Since then, he’s focused on Nintendo and Sony consoles, preferring those over PC gaming. Outside of games, Sean loves movies, comics, and college football. Go Hokies!

Adam Pilfold-Bagwell, Writer

Adam’s illustrious gaming career began as a toddler babbling tactical advice to his Dad during long games of the first Civilization. Now his Dad wishes he would stop. When not preaching the gospel of Frozen, Adam enjoys war movies, contemplating the depths of man’s evil, and synthetic chemistry.

Lucy Robson, Writer

Lucy subsists on a diet of pizza, comic books and the tears of her enemies. She’s really more of a threat to her teammates, who’ve learned the importance of keeping your enemies close but your friends out of Molotov range. She currently resides in Stardew Valley and may never come out again.

John Prudlow, Webmaster

John lives in Wisconsin and works as a web designer. In addition to writing for us, he also designed the site.